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About us

     Nedyalkovi Fruit Cultures Ltd. is a family business which is engaged in the production of fruit saplings and the fruit and fruit-trees trade for 30 years now.
     Being created 40 years ago the uterine garden, possession of the company, is precondition for the production of authentic fruit varieties and sorts.
     The director of the company Nedyalko Todorov Nedyalkov has graduated the School of Fruit Saplings Production and Trade Qualification which is part of the Institute of Agriculture in the town of Troyan. He has publications on improvement of fruit trees in specialized journals such as "Bulgarian Farmer" and "Farmer".
     The last 10 years the company works actively on the popularization of exotic fruit sorts such as persimmon, cornel-tree, kiwi, medlar-tree. It also produces the traditional for Europe sorts: apple, pear, peach, plum.
     The efforts of the director Mr. Nedyalkov are orientated towards the refreshment of uterine base with new perspective sorts in accordance with the requirments of the European Union.