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Cornel-tree Fruits


     The cornel-tree is a common tree in our country, either a tree reaching ten meters in height or a bush with plain, complete, opposite leaves, from wide egg-shaped to egg-shaped lanceolated, sharpened towards the top. Leaves are rounded at the bottom and rainbow-shaped towards the top with pappus on both sides. Blossoms are regular, synoecious, yellow, gathered in a seed-vessel, situated in the axil of the leaves.

     The cornel-tree is one of the earliest flowerers in our country. Blossoms are put forth throughout February-March before the coming into leaves.
     Fruit of the cornel-tree ripens in August - September. It contains considerable quantity of mineral salt: potassium - 363 mg %, calcium - 58, phosphoric - 34, magnesium - 26, iron - 4,1 mg %, and a number of trace elements.

     The importance of the mineral salt for the human body is huge. It participates in many vitally-crucial functions of the constitution: supports the osmotic pressure in the cells, takes part in the texture and the building of the bones. A good cure for the renal calculus is a big quantity of potassium salt in combination with other substances.

     The cornel-tree pits can also be useful. According to some analyses 100gr pits (in air dry condition) contain 9% water, 4.1% raw albumen, 6.2% consistent oil, 19.9% non-nitric extract substances.
     The cornel-tree is not hard to please as regards of soil and the climate and it flourish both in working and hilly areas up to 1200m altitude.