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  • Persimmon


     Nedyalkovi Fruit Cultures Ltd. is in possession of 10 decares of nurseries, situated in the valley of Tundzha river with splendind conditions for watering. The area is ecologically clean and in response to the EU requirements. The correctly performed agronomic projects contribute to the obtaining of high-quality fruit saplings. Modern technique is used in the nurseries which allow the root systems to be kept in excellent condition when the fruit saplings are pulled out of the soil.

     Novelty is the production of Virginian persimmon (D. virginiana L.): Prok, NC10. Yates, Evelin, Saapieper, Dik, Korp.

     Interest is drawn also upon the new sorts of non-tannic persimmon ( D. kaki L.): Maru, Jiro, Suruga, Sharon, Grand Fuyu, Nishimura Wase.